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A small processing fee is passed on to your customers at checkout, so it’s completely free for you!

Our processing fee consists of:


Merchant & service fees explained.

In order to sell anything online, you will need a merchant provider to process credit or debit card payments. To make these transactions possible, merchant providers charge a small processing fee. TicketsCandy’s 0.9% service fee helps us to provide our clients with software, equipment, services and support to manage your online box office.

Learn more about merhcant fees

To make your selling experience hassle-free, we combine merchant fees with our tiny service fee and pass them to customers during checkout. The combined fee is so small that it doesn’t affect the buyer’s purchase decision, and you get 100% of your revenue.

30% Increase In Sales & Revenue

We keep our service free for event organizers by passing processing fees to the ticket buyers. Other ticketing providers may have the ability to pass fees to your customers as well. However, their fees are much higher. As a result, higher fees impact your customer’s purchase decisions and lead to incomplete orders. By keeping our fee the lowest on the market, we can increase your sales volume up to 30% and generate more revenue for your event.

See the amount of fees added by other ticketing providers vs TicketsCandy

TicketsCandy Eventbrite Ticketmaster Showclix FareHarbor






Total after fees

passed on





Passed on Fees

* The calculatoins are based on the average provider’s service fees

It’s completely free to start.

It’s completely free to start selling tickets for your event with no credit card needed to sign up. It only takes a few moments to create your first event, meaning you will be ready to sell tickets online in no time and at no cost to you.

No contracts, no commitments.

All the wonderful tools our ticketing solution has to offer is available to everyone out of the box. You are not tied to a contract so you can close your account at any time, although we doubt you will want to!

Packed with tools and functionality.

Here are just some of the features we have to sell tickets online successfully.

It’s Free

No setup costs, no card needed to be put on file; it is free for organizers to sell tickets online

Unlimited Events

Create as many events as you need and control each event’s settings, tickets and attendees

Unlimited Tickets

You can create unlimited types of tickets with unlimited quantities to sell online

Event Calendars

Custom calendars for your attendees to select the date and time of their visit


View attendee information, manage appointments, create custom attendees, and more

Robust Ecommerce

Manage orders, accept multiple credit cards, create discount codes, and issue quick refunds

Real Time Analytics

Get instant insights into your ticket sales performance, gross and net income and discounts

Revenue Control

Receive ticket sales revenue directly to your bank account without delay

Social Marketing

Our marketing solutions can help promote and grow your event more quickly

Ticket Scanner

Scan customer tickets at the door from any device via our easy-to-use mobile app

No Contracts

There are no contract obligations, so you are welcome to cancel at any time

Dedicated Support

Personalized support to help you create and start selling tickets in no time

Dedicated Support To Events Of All Sizes.

Working with a new service can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. That's why we are here 7-days a week to help with every step from creating your event and tickets; to promoting and scaling your business. We aim to make using our services as easy as possible by being here when you need us. After all, your success is our success.

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