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4 easy steps to start a successful event

Through our fast and easy process, you will be selling tickets in no time.

Create your event instantly and for free

Create your event instantly and for free. Generate any number of tickets for your event, connect them to custom time slots and calendars, set up event checkout settings, order notifications and so much more.

It’s completely free for event organizers

No contracts & no commitments

Create your event

Launch tickets sales and bookings

Connect a secure Square merchant account to accept online payments with credit cards and mobile wallets. Then install a ticketing widget directly into your website or create a branded event page with rich text and images to share with your audience in minutes.

Website widget

Dedicated event page

Apple Pay

Google Pay

Start selling your tickets

Manage attendees, appointments & orders

Manage attendees and customer orders directly from your dashboard. See all your upcoming appointments in a convenient calendar format. When it comes time, effortlessly check attendees into your event with our ticket scanner app.

Check order details

Manage attendees

View appointments

Ticket scanner app

Manage your attendees

Promote your event with marketing tools

Utilize tools from Google, Facebook, TikTok, and other platforms to track your marketing efforts. Plus, we will promote your event through our social media, advertising, and other channels to maximize your exposure.

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Start selling your tickets

Increase sales by 30% with reduced ticket prices

How we are free

We keep our ticketing solution free by passing a tiny service fee to ticket buyers at checkout so you can keep 100% of your revenue. You can also choose to absorb the small fee without worrying about it taking away too much from your profits.

Passed on fees

The difference between us and other ticketing solutions that pass their fees on to customers is that their service fees are between 7-20%, while we proudly have the lowest fees on the market at only 0.9%!

How fees affect sales

The higher the passed-on fees are, the more money customers will have to pay for the order. The more they have to pay than they originally expected, the greater the chance they won't complete the purchase.

Increase sales by 30%

By applying only a 0.9% fee, we dramatically reduce the final ticket order price compared to other solutions. This, combined with our marketing tools, can increase your ticket sales by 30%.

See the amount of fees added by other ticketing providers vs TicketsCandy

TicketsCandy Eventbrite Ticketmaster Showclix FareHarbor






Total after fees

passed on





Passed on Fees

* The calculations are based on the average provider’s service fees

Sell tickets anywhere online

Run your box office from your own website by embedding a small piece of code into your web page or create a beautiful event page complete with tickets, text, and media.

Manage appointments

You have full control over managing your attendees and orders. View upcoming appointments, check in attendees, create custom bookings, and much more.

Mobile app ticket scanner

Use our dedicated, easy-to-use mobile app to scan sold tickets and check people in on the day of the event. You can scan tickets directly from your customers’ mobile phones.

Trusted payment partner

Ticket buyers can use credit cards or digital wallets to pay in any currency through our partner, Square. Your funds will be deposited into your bank account on daily basis.

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