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TicketsCandy will promote your deal to audiences who are likely to buy, based on interests, demographics, location and other criteria.

No Upfront Costs

We take a percentage of the revenue generated by selling on our marketplace as a fee for advertising and promoting your deal.

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Boost your online presence, connect with customers, drive revenue and monitor your sales and deals through your merchant dashboard.

What is Event Deals?

TicketsCandy Event Deals is a marketplace where businesses list ticket deals to their events, and we promote these offers through our local marketing campaigns.

Event organizers can redeem the purchased deals for the customers directly at the event or the event’s website.

Local marketing

We reach nearby customers and tourists, sell tickets, and showcase your brand using our local marketing campaigns.

Find new customers and build long-terms customer relationships with our marketplace users who are looking for new experiences.

No upfront costs

There are no upfront costs to advertise your business with Event Deals.

We only take a portion of the revenue when customers buy your offer through our marketplace, in order to compensate for marketing, promotion and advertising services we provide for your event.

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